Paediatrics at Ashford and St Peter's Hospital



Ashford and St Peter’s is a large acute Trust in West Surreyand one of the largest in the region. It provides a full range of acute and chronic hospital services. Ashford Hospital lies close to Heathrow Airport. St Peter’s Hospital is between Chertsey and Woking. The two hospitals serve a population, of around 450,000, on the borders of Surrey and Middlesex from an area which includes Woking, Chertsey, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge, Staines, Bedfont, Feltham and Spelthorne. There are around 650 beds in a range of specialties, a full imaging service with CT and MRI scanning, a neurophysiology department, and a comprehensive laboratory service.


Acute services are provided at St Peter’s Hospital including a 24 hour dedicated Paediatric A&E Department seeing approximately 22,000 children per year. There are also inpatient Paediatric facilities, a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive care unit, Maternity services with approximately 4000 deliveries per year and a busy Outpatient Department.


Ashford Hospital has a walk in centre and paediatric Outpatient facilities.


The Women’s Health and Paediatrics Division includes Maternity, Gynaecology, General Paediatric and Neonatal Services.


All Paediatric trainees are based at St. Peter’s Hospital. Our Children’s Department has an excellent reputation for providing high quality general and specialist Paediatric and Neonatal services. These have separate junior and middle grade on call rotas, but a joint Educational Programme is run between General Paediatrics and Neonates and is recognised as a particular strength of our Department. We are also recognised for our friendly, supportive working environment.


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit



This is a designated Level 3 facility and the centre of the Surrey Perinatal Network. The unit is located in the Abbey wing along with the maternity service and was refurbished in 2005 to accommodate 24 cots. The current cot establishment consists of 8 intensive care, 4 high dependency and 12 special care cots.

Facilities are available to for the management of the great majority of neonatal medical intensive care problems including cooling for Hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy and the use of nitric oxide. Infants with surgical and cardiac problems requiring intervention are transferred elsewhere (St Georges Hospital & the Brompton Hospital respectively) as are those requiring ECMO.


There is a 9 bed Special Care Nursery on the postnatal (Joan Booker) ward. This provides care for babies needing more attention than healthy term babies with their resident mothers. This includes 6 Transitional care and 3 step down special care cots.


The Surrey Neonatal Transport Service was extended in 2010 to provide a 24 hour, 7 day service for theKent, Surrey andSussexregions. St. Peter’s operates a middle grade 12 hour a shift, 7 day system (day or night) operating on a weekly rotational basis with equivalent teams in Kent and Sussex. We also have cross cover agreements with the London Neonatal Transfer Service. In 2010 we undertook 412 transfers (of which 205 were emergencies).



The annual birth rate is approximately 4,000. Annual admissions are about 550 to the Neonatal Unit and a further 480 to our Transitional Care area. In 2010 our admissions included 124 <32 week gestation babies, 48 <27 weeks, 125 <1500g babies and 60 < 1000g. There are about 1,800 intensive care days and about 500 ventilated baby days per year. We specialise in early extubation to less invasive modes of ventilation, with 2400 cpap/vapotherm baby days per year.




There are 5 Consultant Neonatal Paediatricians:


Dr Paul Crawshaw (Clinical Director)

Dr Tracy Lawson (Neurodevelopment, College Tutor)

Dr Peter Martin (Gastroenterology, Head of postgraduate education (St. Peter’s)

Dr Tosin Otunla (Transport lead, Cardiology)

Dr Peter Reynolds (Clinical Governance lead)

They are supported by an associate specialist in neonatology (Dr Ejiwumi) and a team of junior doctors consisting of 8 junior doctors and 8 middle-grades (4 clinical fellows and 4 specialist registrars).



General Paediatric Department


Accident and Emergency Unit


The Paediatric A&E department operates 24 hours a day and is staffed by experienced paediatric nurses. Children under the age of 16 are seen in the department, which has an attendance of about 20,000 per annum. Emergency GP referrals are seen and assessed in the Paediatric A&E Department.


Ash Ward (in-patient paediatric ward)


This currently has 23 beds for medical, surgical and orthopaedic admissions. It is planned to staff 3 additional beds for the winter months. We have recently opened a young persons unit to accommodate young people up to 18 years of age, in line with the recommendations of the NSF for Children and Young People.


Oak Ward (day case ward)


This is a 12 bedded day unit dealing with medical and surgical day cases from Monday to Friday. This also acts as a short term observation unit at times to assist A&E.




There is also a designated 4 bed day case Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit.


General Paediatric surgery: this is now performed under the care of visiting consultant’s surgeons fromSt. George’shospital.


The Hospital Schoollies next to the ward and provides teaching to in-patients and those needing special tuition from home.


A Child Assessment Service is run at White Lodge (adjacent to the hospital site), which also provides services for children with neurodisability.


We receive excellent support from the Radiology Department with a weekly X-ray meeting with the Paediatric Radiologists.




Dr Shailini Bahl (Diabetes, Endocrinology, Deputy College Tutor)

Dr Gillian Baksh  Diabetes, Rheumatology, Obesity, Eating disorders, Governance)

Dr Tariq Bhatti (Haematology and Oncology, Clinical Lead General Paediatrics)

Dr Kate Brocklesby  Child Protection, Adolescent Lead)

Dr Alison Groves (Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, Undergraduate Coordinator)

Dr Diab Haddad (Allergy and Respiratory)

Dr Kate Irwin (Epilepsy, Neurodevelopment/neurodisability)

Dr Wajdi Nackasha (Community and Behavioural Paediatrics)

Dr Bozhena Zoritch (Behavioural Paediatrics)


Education Centres


There are dedicated education and learning centres on each site – the Education Centre located at the heart of AshfordHospitaland the Oliver Plunkett Postgraduate Education Centre located close by the Duchess of Kent Wing of St Peter's Hospital. There are two libraries conveniently located next to the education centres at both hospital sites, offering access to a comprehensive range of hardcopy and electronic resources including exam preparation texts and BMJ Case Reports.  Literature search training sessions are available on a monthly basis, including sessions aimed at doctors carrying out clinical audits.  Full details of the service are available on the KnowledgeNet website which keeps staff up-to-date on latest resource developments The Library and Knowledge Service provides computer rooms in the libraries on both hospital sites which enable access to the trust intranet and internet, there is 24 hour access to these computers.


In addition to co-ordinating the regular internal teaching programmes for our own doctors in training, the Centres at Ashford & St Peter's provide facilities and administrative support for:


Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS); Advanced Life Support (ALS); Paediatric Intermediate Life Support (PILS);RoyalCollegeof Physicians MRCP Part II (PACES); GP Intensive Course (GPIC); Newborn Life Support Course (NLS).


The hospital also has an on-site nursery








ST4 x 2


Type of work:


Please find attachment below.



Name of the position and work needing to be done:


General Paediatric Registrar Neonatal Registrar


Qualifications and professional registration required:


MRCPCH (or equivalent)


Attach Job description:


Please find below


Anticipated duration of programme:


6 or 12 months


Commencement date:


March and September


Standard rotation details:


In a six month post the doctor will be assigned to General Paediatrics or Neonatology, however in a 12 month post there would be the opportunity (depending on the needs of the service) to rotate between the two areas.


Dr would be expected to participate in the middle grade rota, which would include (depending on what department they are assigned to) working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Special Care Unit, Neonatal Transport, General Paediatrics Wards (including day, acute and POSCU), Paediatric A&E and the Outpatient department. Furthermore they would be expected to participate in all areas of Postgraduate teaching to develop their own knowledge, as well as to teach their Junior and nursing colleagues.

As well as participating in the registrar / Middle Grade rota the doctor would be expected to work in clinic alongside a supervising Consultant.



Educational Supervisor:


The following Consultants act as either Educational or Clinical Supervisors to F1s, F2s, GP Trainees (Clinical Supervisor only) and Specialty Trainees:


Dr Shailini Bahl – Consultant Paediatrician


Dr Gillian Baksh– Consultant Paediatrician


Dr Tariq Bhatti – Consultant Paediatrician, Paediatric Clinical Lead


Dr Alison Groves– Consultant Paediatrician


Dr Diab Haddad– Consultant Paediatrician


Dr Kate Irwin– Consultant Paediatrician


Dr Tracy Lawson – Consultant Neonatologist, College Tutor


Dr Peter Martin– Consultant Neonatologist, Head of Postgraduate Education


Dr Tosin Otunla – Consultant Neonatologist


Dr Peter Reynolds, Consultant Neonatologist


Dr Bozhena Zoritch– Consultant Paediatrician




Clinical Lead:


Tariq Bhatti (General Paediatrics) and Paul Crawshaw (Specialty Lead Neonates and Divisional Director)


College Tutor: Dr Tracy Lawson (Consultant Neonatologist)






Rotation is part of the overall training programme which is organised by KSS or London Deanery. On successful completion of whole training programme (part of which is done here at St Peters Hospital) trainees are awarded CCT.



Outcome of training programme i.e. core competencies:


As above.



Info on likely locations including likely specific sites within rotations:


Dr will work at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey (see address below)




Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Foundation Trust

St Peter’s Hospital

Guildford Road

Chertsey, Surrey KT16 OPZ



Confirmation of location including specific info on site within multi-site employer:


Areas within hospitals where the trainee will be required to work:


Paediatrics A&E


Ash Ward - Acute Care Paediatric Ward


Oak Ward - Paediatric Day Ward


Little Oaks – A 3 bedded POSCU


Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Special Care Unit - A 9 bedded Unit based on the post natal ward


Post natal ward


Paediatric Outpatients




Payments/Policy: N/A




Salary Scale: 1A 


Basic Pay referring to national salary scales


Travel and relocation expenses policy:



About this training opportunity
Training Level: 
Higher Training


St Peter’s Hospital
Guildford Road Chertsey,
Surrey KT16 0PZ
United Kingdom
Phone: 01932 872000
51° 21' 21.6504" N, 0° 32' 9.4308" W
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